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Thread: BMW Recalls GS Accessory Footpegs

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    Yes, for some reason it seems to be the black ones that have issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r1200rst View Post
    Yes, for some reason it seems to be the black ones that have issues.
    Unless I am mistaken the black ones were powder coated, and baked at some unknown possibly improper temperature, damaging the metal in some way. I would welcome a confirming or denying opinion from a real metallurgist. I am not one.
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    Hi Guys

    I ordered a set of these in early November when BMW was offering some discount by the end of the year. I ordered the black ones mainly to match the triple black on the 22 1250GS. I then heard about the recall. The parts never showed up at the dealer and they are not getting info from BMW on the lead time for the new versions. Anyone have any insight on the replacement stock?

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    OK, just got back from the dealer. New pegs installed, silver in color, two positions instead of three, lower of the two positions is higher than the the original low.
    Will need to raise brake and shift levers. All done at no cost to me.

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