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Thread: Mirror Recommendations?

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    Mirror Recommendations?

    So I was an idiot this weekend and managed to drop the bike (2001 R1150RT) on its side (so, so dumb how I did it; first time dropping a bike like that in decades).

    I broke the left mirror.

    MOST of the actual plastic housing seems fine; the mirror piece is broken.

    46 63 7 652 611 - Left Mirror Glass

    So I'm going to buy one of these mirror pieces ($75)

    The OTHER problem is that the little nipple clamp things that hold the mirror to the body:

    ... are not great. Some bent up pretty good. One is holding well, but the mirror definitely is not as secure as before.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any "fixes" for these things? I don't see them as a separate part, so it seems to properly fix I really need to buy the whole mirror assembly (for another $250 ouch!), so would like to see if there's any way to fix this up better.

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    No, not the whole mirror. In the same parts listing where you found the glass, there is a baseplate. Separate parts for left and right. Unfortunately, $73 US, each.
    Michael Stock, Trinity, NC
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    Check out Beemer Boneyard! They have a used parts and it seems they have an complete L/H mirror assy (R1100/1150RT Left Mirror, Complete, Dark Blue Metallic). You could pull out the mirror and backing plate and use your outer painted plastic, unless your bike is Dark Blue Metallic which would make it a complete replacement. Not knowing the extent of your damage, I have heard of others being able to tighten the wire around the fingered retainer or using new safety wire and likewise tightening the "clamp" it has on the receiving nipples. Hopefully I am adding a link to the BBY page with the mirror.

    Good luck.
    Jim "BewareBoy" Snyder
    Cincinnati, OH
    2004 R1150RT

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    Not really an answer to your question but many with this typeof mirror attachment put a small tether line to keep the mirror housing from flying off when hitting a bad bump or knocking the mirror against something,
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    I had bent fingers on the baseplate and spent a lot of time trying to fix them.
    Ended up buying a new baseplate and never looking back.
    My experience was that it would never grip as tight anymore when I tried to fix it.

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