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Thread: I'm Back for round 2. Semi-Newbie in NW Iowa.

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    I'm Back for round 2. Semi-Newbie in NW Iowa.

    Hello all, Mike here from Spencer IA. Back in 2012 I had a R80RT and joined the MOA and enjoyed the heck out of the motorcycle. I then moved over to the Guzzi side of things and actually still do ride a 2009 Norge. BUT, I just purchased a 1992 R100RS that came up locally and it will become my primary scoot of choice. The Norge is great, but so damn heavy to lug around the shop and when parked etc.
    I also have a 1985 K100RS Turbo, this is a project but will be back on the road soon. It is far from stock, a Honda CBR front end, brakes and wheel, a K1200 rear wheel, Luftmeister turbo - a hodgepodge of early and later kits. Cut down RS fairing, Racing rearsets, superbike handlebar etc, a true frankenbike. Should be fun.
    Anyways, It is good to be back.

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    Welcome back! Never been on a Guzzi...just thought they were a different form of an Airhead!
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    mine-ineye-deatheah-pielayah-jooa-kalayus. oolah-minane-hay-meeriah-kal-oyus-algay-a-thaykin', buddy!

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    Welcome Aboard Again, Limey Mike!

    You sound like some of the folks we hang with here in the (FB) NAVMC in North AL. A bunch a Enthusiastic Bikers who like to wrench & ride. We'll be having a Biketoberfest cookout tomorrow so we can get some people's help on fixing our BMWs (like the fork seal replacement on K's F650GS, or the carb removal on her CRF230L). It's good to know people who know their way around their various machines.

    Good luck with your projects up there in the chilly heartland (I spent 4 long years at SAC HQ). What makes you the "Limey, Mike?" My mother was a WW2 bride from Lancashire, so I'm 1/2 Limey...

    Here's a few of our friends' machines at a very special summer cookout in nearby Decatur.

    HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

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    I moved to the States in '89 with IBM. Home town is Coventry UK, born and raised 3 miles from the original Triumph factory, Jaguar are in town etc. All I remember about the Triumph factory was driving past it once a week with my dad and all the workers were outside on strike! Coventry is the Detroit of the UK, I started in a factory supplying machine tools to the car and motorcycle manufacturers. Wife is from IA, hence why I am in the MidWest and why I eat a lot of pork and corn. My parents were from Lancashire, Manchester, they moved to Coventry in the early 60's as that's where all the jobs were.
    In addition to the 2 BMWs, I also have two Suzukis, a 1986 GSXR750 'Slabby' and the micro GSXR50. Both fun, but at my age problematic to crouch that low.GSXR1.jpg

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    Ya still riding that Vintage GSX'er, Mike? You'd fit in very well with our local cohorts!

    I worked in the basement of SAC HQs after graduation, from 1984 to ~1988. Temps were definitely colder back then - Jus Sayin!

    My Mum was actually from St. Helens; her dad worked in the coal mines {I think}. Her brother worked for Fairclough; built a nice estate in Warrington when I was old enough to visit on my own (like when I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters working on A-10s in the late-70s-early 80s). Dear Aunty now resides in Abersoch at their summer getaway cottage (by herself)... I would love to go visit her again when this Covid-BS settles down even more. Not getting any younger at 91...

    Don't know how much U travel; we just CoddiWompled our way thru TN, KY, IL, IA, MN, SD, WY, ND, to the Great Falls, MT Rally (before flying up to AK). We're not done CoddiWompling closer to home here in the SEC locale... Just enjoyed the Barber's Vintage Fest in nearby Leeds, AL (I posted ten pix on 'the Feed' which is under your "Profile menu"). Look us up if you're traveling thru AL to FLA one of those cold winter days to come...

    Have fun wrenching this fall & throughout the chilly Iowa winter! Those are definitely some corn silos in your photo! Hope we make some progress tomorrow on our m/c issues, of which we have a few...

    Be safe & Be seen out there!

    HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

    USAF-Ret'd -&- USN-Ret'd

    '14 K-GT -- '09 650GS-twin
    '75 R90S -- '82 R100CS
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    My official CoddiWomple "Dirt Nap;" gets ya an easy 50 points...

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    Welcome back from Newfoundland.
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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    Quote Originally Posted by skibum69 View Post
    Welcome back from Newfoundland.
    Thank you Skibum69

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    Welcome limeymike! Thanks for posting the pic of the bike. Would love to see pics of the entire collection.
    Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun...but Mama, that's where the fun is!

    2009 R1200RT Sand Beige Metallic (aka Champipple), 2007 Honda VFR RWB

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    Welcome from central Florida.

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