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Thread: Reno To Columbus Ohio 2006

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    Reno To Columbus Ohio 2006

    Hi folks I am going to fly out to Reno in late June to pick up by brouthers 97 R 1100 RT he has been rideing all his life in the west but due to some resent health problems he's going to hang it up [sad day ] .I have been trying to plan this trip for the last couple of weeks and thought you fine folks could help me out .I have been told that I have to ride RT.50 through Nevada.I also have some old friends I would like to look up in Salt Lake area and that's as far as i have gotten .I would like to know from you folks the MUST ride road's from Salt Lake area to good old Columbus Ohio ?I want to stay off the supper slabs as much as possible .PLEASE give me some ideas .I think this could be the ride of a life time I just don't get out west very often due to the 4 letter thing [WORK ] .I have 14 days to make this happen would like to travel three 300 mile days then one 100 mile day this works well for my old tired back .THANKS for your time in advance .
    Dick Harris

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    Cincinnati to Santa Fe

    I'll be interested in the responses you get! I'm going from Cincinnati to Santa Fe at the end fo May. My first extended solo motorcycle trip... shooting for Route 66 outside of St Louis, I think!

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    Hwy.62 through KY,kinda straight in the western part,good curves in the central to eastern part. You can pick it up in Paducah,Ky.and it takes you to Maysville,Ky. on the Ohio River.It is a scenic, relaxing ride.

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    Make sure you pack your anon book!

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    You found one!

    Yep, I've ridden sooo much west and Utah, Nevada,etc. I have tons to say about rides, so here are a few good ideas; I live out here in Central Ca., so all of my journeys east go through these areas you've asked about. The famed US50 is a great start, alias;"The Loneliest Road in America". You'll see the signs posted as such along the route. The US50 crosses Nevada and the scenery is awesome. Camping in Ely,Nv.(on US50) is one of my regular stops and an easy day from Reno. The KOA is good there, with nice grassy sites. Going east on US50, stop at our newest National Park, Great Basin NP, where you'll find the vistas extremely rewarding. Doesn't take long to ride to the summit and well worth the effort. The road climbs to above 10000' and a glacier still exists there. YES, in Nevada! Back to US50 east and you'll be entering Utah very soon. SLC is a bit north of where you should be going for the best roads, so go visit friends and then back down south a tad bit for Utahs absolute best sights. DO NOT miss the National Parks of Zion,Bryce,Capitol Reef,Arches and Canyonlands. I know this sounds like a lot and it is. Your time may not permit such, but the road I'm going to mention will take you through most of it. I think Utah has the most NP's. South from SLC, you'll find Zion NP, so go through it heading east to Hwy.89 north, to Hwy.12( one of the wests best roads) east to Bryce NP, continue on Hwy12 east to Capitol Reef NP, and eastward to Green River,Utah(on Interstate 70) to Utah Hwy.191 south to Moab,Utah where you'll find Arches and Canyonlands NP's. From Moab, you can get to Colorado quickly via a couple different routes, so plan on. I'll quit for now, but the above hwys. are among the absolute best the west has to offer, with too many side trips to mention here. You won't forget it! Colorado is next and soooo much fun as well. Just get off the beaten path. I even found Kansas an intesting state and quite a beautiful state, with its rolling farmlands. Happy Trails. Randy 13233

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