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Thread: 2002 1150 GS Steering Head Bearing Bolt Problem need help

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    2002 1150 GS Steering Head Bearing Bolt Problem need help

    Hi, This problem started about six months ago when I decided to try to swap my fork seals out and change out a steering head bearing, with no experience, and a dealer who forgot it and I had to pick it up before I headed back to Montana. I was also delivered the wrong part ( bearings) from a parts supplier and did not have a press or schematic. The bike sits in my garage awaiting me to solve the problem which if I had a the right bearing, or could send the headset away, I could fix or haul it to the dealer which I would like not to do. I am in Phoenix near the Papago Park area and I wonder if any of you could offer help as to where I could simply send the headset out to have new bearings and parts pressed in, or actually get the guts of the steering head assembly so I could at least try to press it in my self or get a local to do it? Its been sort of an amateurs DIY nightmare. The bearing was sketchy but out of the bike it did not feel bad. I am sure that someone with a schematic and the right tools or vise or press could do it in a quick bit? I have pictures of the bike and assembly on my phone. 406.880.0152 if you want them.


    Paul Cooley

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    At least I found this Steering headbolt is 18 mm

    I found a bolt at ACE for 5.00. Now I have my front end held together. Popped a brake line in the process now need new brake lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by mslacool View Post
    Popped a brake line in the process now need new brake lines
    Spiegler. If you have rubber lines, do them all before the rest fail.
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