Way back when, Annie and I were on our way from Fairbanks to Dawson City, YT along with a friend. The friend was wearing a new MotoSport riding suit. We made the turn off of the Alaska Hwy onto the Taylor Hwy towards Chicken and were hit by a downpour of mixed rain and hail. Our friend was leading and he soon pulled over to put on his rain gear liners. Annie and I stopped to wait for him. Forever imbedded in my memory is the image of my friend, in his underwear, sitting in a stream of hail filled water and trying to put on his rain liner for his pants. As he was finishing this useless endeavor the downpour stopped and the sun came out.

We were hit with another downpour as we road thru Chicken and were on the Top of the World Hwy. It was as muddy as I have ever seen it and we learned later that the road had washed out behind us and a Forrest Service employee was swept off the road and died. We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves when we hit Dawson, all three of us had sphincter fighting moments in the mud. Soon four guys on Goldwings that had been behind us showed up, so our chest thumping was over.

When the rain stopped on the TOW it was followed by dense fog. Here we are at the border crossing: