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Thread: Lamp indicator 05 R1200ST

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    Lamp indicator 05 R1200ST

    Went to work the other day and the display indicated a defective lamp with the up arrow.

    Well after work I checked all bulbs and they were all working correctly.

    About halfway back to my place, the indicator came on again and this time the right turn signal wouldn't work (no green arrow on the dash).

    Did a quick ops check in the garage and yes the right side, nothing worked. This included the 4 way flasher.

    Went back out after an hour and just turned on ignition but didn't start the bike and everything worked.

    So started the bike and after about a minute the lamp indicator came on and again no right turn signal.

    I use to work in electronics and this one is a little baffling since I don't have a schematic yet.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    I'd replace the bulb first (cheap and easy). I have had bulbs that will make intermittent contact because the filament is loose on one side, and will be lined up correctly after it's shaken.
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    Make sure the lamp contacts are clean.
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    Same issue

    I thought this was an older thread than it is so I had PM'd 100rider. Since it is pretty fresh, I'll keep the thread going. Maybe someone has had a fix.
    My 05 ST is doing the exact same thing. Had it checked at the local BMW shop and, of course, they could not replicate the error. [The fault cleared on the way to the shop that morning! LOL]
    I just went about 2 weeks without the error showing only to have it fault again two days ago without going away since.
    While in the shop, they pulled the lamps and checked connections with no problem found. There was no error history stored from the faults.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSAddict View Post
    Make sure the lamp contacts are clean.
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    Fault persisted intermittently this week so I made it a priority this morning to pull the bulbs and check & clean the contacts. Still, the fault was there. Finally decided to swap the bulbs, left and right, and the fault followed! I should have found my culprit. Darndest part is, the bulb has continuity and the signals work intermittently. How the heck is it the bulb?? Should have a replacement installed tomorrow morning though and we’ll find out. Thank you all for the replies.

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    How.... some possibilities:
    As Dr. Neo said, the filament can be broken, but still be touching at the break so it appears to work sometimes, and it's hard to see without a magnifying glass.
    Or, as the filament has aged, it has lost enough material so that its resistance has gone up; this reduces the current draw, and the computer senses that error.
    Or, the bottom "tip" of the bulb is just soft solder, and it has partially deformed.

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    If you want to do forensics compare the current of the new to the old across the same power source.
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