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Thread: Contemplating a road trip?

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    Contemplating a road trip?

    Per USA Today article based on insurance dataset

    These are the US cities with the rudest and most polite drivers

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    Does not match my life experiences at all. Problem with that, and similar, articles is that it focuses on urban areas and urban drivers. Not where I frequent when I travel via motorcycle. Folks who live--and drive--in the less crowded parts of the country are almost all polite, courteous and knowledgeable. Not at all like what the magazines write about. Media folks are trying to sell their product and, in so doing, they prefer to rile up the readers.

    My advice: stay out of the urban areas on your motorcycle trips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by royce View Post
    Folks who live--and drive--in the less crowded parts of the country are almost all polite, courteous and knowledgeable. .
    That's what we usually find.
    We avoid large cities on motorcycle trips.
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    Wanda and I tend to agree that avoiding large cities and/or urban areas makes for a better ride/trip/journey.

    To totally avoid them though would have meant we'd have missed some great rides.

    I try to adjust my "vision" of what to expect when in large urban areas.

    On those occasions when getting into a major city with its heavy traffic, this old adage comes to mind, "When in Rome, do as Romans do!"

    Riding in CA where lane splitting is allowed, or is that lane sharing, do it - even though it kind of goes against your grain. Learning to go with the local flow is important.

    That said, we travel via back roads probably 90% of the time and have found a long cut, shortcut or way around the big cities in our home state...all three of 'em!

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