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Thread: ABS II is burned out on 94 K1100RS

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    ABS II is burned out on 94 K1100RS

    Any info of a kit to allow removal and replacement of pressure modulator? 11 lb dead weight.

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    Why are you against fixing it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by 98lee View Post
    Why are you against fixing it?

    Not afraid. Modulator is not repairable - it's fried. Love to fix it, nice feeling of security on iffie road conditions. So, it's a replacement or do without issue. And 11 lbs lighter is significant for that tall (for me) and top heavy ride.

    I've not been successful finding a source for a working pressure modulator for my K1100 RS '94. Any ideas?

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    Possibly something to read about here?!

    And an ABS II rebuild and installation:
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    Thanks for your reply. After talking with Mike and Steve at Max's BMW shop in Clarkston, Oregon, I went to e-bay and ordered a proper replacement. It's in the mail, and will be forwarded to ModuleMaster. Then, got your link.

    Thanks, 3 red bricks. Still like to be shed of the 11 (+) lb! But I can still get on and off the bike safely!

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