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Thread: Telelever & Front End Dive?

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    Question Telelever & Front End Dive?

    My ‘«÷01 R1150GS was my first BMW. It felt strange at first but I grew to love the nearly-no-dive nature of the telelever front end.

    More recently I rode an ‘«÷02 Adventure and there does seem to be some front-end dive ‘«Ű maybe not as much as other brand bikes, but more than my ‘«÷01 GS. I can‘«÷t figure out why that specific Adventure dips more than my old ‘«£standard‘«ō GS. Suspect theories include:

    1) there is a problem with the ‘«÷02 Adventure that needs to be addressed
    2) not necessarily a problem, this is likely a set-up issue and can be tuned to preference
    3) not necessarily a problem, Adventures are supposed to have a bit more dive than the ‘«£standard‘«ō 1150GS

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

    (I‘«÷m a newbie to BMW MOA ‘«Ű I searched the forums and don‘«÷t see this specifically addressed ‘«Ű none-the-less, sorry if this is an old topic)

    Paul Brown

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    I would expect number 2 on your list is the case.

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    Option #4

    Longer suspension travel and more compliant off-road springs.

    Option #5 More fuel at times.

    I ride an '02 'standard' with Ohlins which are different than the Showas in "Great" way.

    I recently learned again what brake-dive is with my F650GSD.
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    Here's my take:

    (1) Earles fork BMWs (1955-1969) would actually rise slightly under hard front braking.

    (2) Telescopic fork BMWs (1970-1995) would dive precipitously under hard front braking.

    (3) Telelever fork BMWs (1995-present) dive slightly under hard front braking. The factory could tune this out through revising fork geometry, but chose to keep some small amount of dive.
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    The analyses that I have read indicate that BMW deliberately designed a bit of dive into their telelever front ends because most riders like that characteristic.


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    I ride an '04 Adventure and I can get a small dive with the front shock at the weakest/softest setting but it can be tuned out by adjusting to your weight and riding conditions etc. At the second setting though it is practically gone.

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    Jim Bud
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    Just to scratch your head...

    Are you feeling front end dive, or rear end lift??

    Can you tell the difference??
    Jim Bud...

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    I can tell the difference between front and rear yes...the pointy end goes forward right? I find it much easier to steer from the front

    On mine I can get the rear to lift if I adjust the rear shock just so, although it is for that reason that I keep the adjustments as good as possible to counterract that effect. A good observation as it is often over-looked. A lesson that I learned on this bike as on the UJM's it is somewhat hidden in amongst the real dive on the front.

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