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Thread: 2013 K1600 GTL - 50k km Service - Failed Ignition Coil - Replace All or One?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjohn72 View Post
    if you replace them all, you get a warranty for 2 years (I think) if any of them fail, you can get them replaced on their dime. The BMW coils here run about $225 USD, I would ask about the pricing difference. I myself replaced a single coil about a year ago that was throwing a check engine light and have not had any issues since. But, I did it myself while I was doing the valve check, so its on me if anything fails again. Like several have said, if you have the cash, I would say get them all done and save yourself some grief, as these coils send to randomly give up the ghost whether they are new or several years old.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    In the US it used to be if the dealer installed the new part the part and labor was covered for two years.
    If you installed the part the part is still covered for two years but not the labor to replace it.
    I don't know if this is still the policy. I would ask the dealer.
    Both good points. I've now instructed the dealer to replace all six coils (once the parts arrive, hopefully this week), which was also their recommendation, as there's labour savings once they've open up access. The two-year warranty for installed parts is certainly an added benefit.

    I can't say with confidence this is the best way to go, but I plan to ride it for a few more years, so I'd likely need to replace more coils at some point. I look it this decision as a proactive preventative maintenance measure, at which a younger me would scoff, but the current me appreciates a well maintained, trouble-free ride.


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    Since you don't need them, can I get you to send me the 5 coils that aren't bad? I'll gladly pay shipping to Virginia.

    '12 K1600GT

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