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Thread: New member, old rider, Phoenix Arizona

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    New member, old rider, Phoenix Arizona

    Hi all,
    I was told by my wife of 31 years that I couldn't buy a motorcycle. She wouldn't allow it. She doesn't work, her mom moved in 3 years ago and doesn't contribute to the household. I bought 3 cars and 4 years of college for our 3 kids, that continued to stay at home years after graduating without paying rent, so as the SOLE provider of the 4000 sq.ft resort home, I decided to get a divorce.
    I bought a 2016 K1600GTL Exclusive, and I tasty to ride!

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    Welcome Mikey! Enjoy your life -- enjoy the ride! And no worries if you find yourself straying a little. More than one bike is usually a good thing!

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    Good for you!
    Welcome to the forum!
    "You can do good or you can do well. Sooner or later they make you choose." MI5
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    Sorry to hear of your divorce but welcome to the ranks of the MOA. May you have many enjoyable miles on your GTL. A fine ride.
    Gary Phillips - #6322
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    Greetings Mikey the Medic!

    Sorry for your various trials & tribulations with the eX; but you've certainly turned the page nicely! Enjoy your GTL with eXuberance and show up online and in-person somewhere along the way! If'n U haven't heard, the MOA rally will be in the central USofA next year- aka: Springfield, MO, in June. You'll be reading about it all winter in the neXt many editions of the Owners' News. We had a good time in the small village of Great Falls, MT last June...

    We're CoddiWompling our way across the USofA this summer; we also managed to avoid Arizona where the "M-in-L" resides... Enjoy your stay in the Valley of the Sun --- we're both ASU grads -- class of '83. Fork 'em for us when they're not looking.

    Be safe & Be seen!
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    The interior of the Chatanika Lodge! -Dollar bills stapled to every surface....

    CHEERS to the K-eXclusive Rider, from P & K & Petier from the piazza in Sienna, Italy, circa 2017!

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    Welcome MedicMikey! Hope that you are enjoying the new bike. Pics are always appreciated.
    Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun...but Mama, that's where the fun is!

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    Onward and upward! Welcome from Newfoundland!
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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