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Thread: Speedo and Tach cables stuck R75/6

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    Speedo and Tach cables stuck R75/6

    Hi there. I was trying to remove my dash to repair a broken trip reset knob, and I hit a snag. It seems the threaded studs, where my speedo and tach cables attach to the back of the dash, are loose. So, when I try to loosen either cable, the stud just spins. Hence the cables are stuck (for now). Has anyone encountered this before? Any suggestions to hold those studs so I can unscrew the tach and speedo cables? Thanks!

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    From memory on my /7, there is a thin jam nut. If you see that, you'll need to get a thin wrench in there to hold it. See this #3 for the speedometer.

    If that doesn't help, you probably need to lubricate lightly in this area with a penetrant.
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    I was replacing the cables on my /6 anyway, so I cut the collars with a Dremel and split them with a wedge in the kerf to brake them free of the housing. Kind of an adaptation of how one removes stuck exhaust nuts.

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    Closing the loop here, a small needle-nose Vice Grips worked to hold the threaded stud while I unscrewed the cables.

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    Always good when we hear how things worked out

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    Thanks for the follow up, it is nice to have someone tell us how things worked out or what worked for them. St.

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