The rally update in the BMW Owner's News, April 2006, page 94, may have had an error on only needing a picture ID. That may be true if you were born in the US but if you're a naturalized citizen you should bring proof of citizenship, for example a US passport. A problem can occur when returning to the US if you were born overseas or in Canada. My wife and I along with another couple went to Canada on the spur of the moment; we had a great time. However we got a lecture at the border crossing since my wife was born overseas and my friend's wife was born in Canada. It became apparent very fast that the border guard had the authority to hold our wives at the boarder until we were able to obtain their citizenship information. Fortunately we live in New Hampshire so it would've only been about an eight hour round trip for us! Please note that the guard was not giving us a hard time but just explaining the facts - recommend anyone planning to travel into Canada bring proof of citizenship or at least check the Government travel web site to get the latest information.