The lean angle on the regular R18 is 32 degrees and is 35 on the faired versions. Most cruisers are around 28-30 degrees and tourers like the Harley Street and Road Glide are 31-32 degrees. If you consider the Diavel a cruiser thatís likely the best at ~40 degrees.

Iíve test ridden the R18 twice on some curvy roads and never scraped the pegs. Perhaps with more ride time to get used to the bike or some really twisty roads it might touch down. It is a cruiser though. If I want to really carve corners, Iíd use my S1000R.

I will note that my dealer did ensure the preload was set correctly. Some early reviews (and even first deliveries) left the preload in the shipping position which made the suspension harsher and reduced lean angle. As a result a number of early reviews said it hit pegs quite quickly.