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Thread: 2003 K1200GT - Leg Guards

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    2003 K1200GT - Leg Guards

    Does anyone know the trick to taking the leg guards off of the fairing? I already destroyed one side.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    My K1200RS did not have the leg guards so I don't know for sure.
    Here's what the back of the leg guard looks like.

    I can't tell if the studs are threaded or smooth.
    If smooth they may be held in place with flat spring nuts.
    The side panel would need to be removed to access them.

    The leg guards are $340 each
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    Yes, true to BMW form, they are crazy expensive for strips of rubber! The only thing I don't like is the bottom two screws have to be removed when you drop the bottom spoiler belly pan for oil changes etc. Getting everything lined back up is a real pain.

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    There should be 10 mm (I think) nuts/washers on the inside of the panel. Remove these and the leg guard should lift outward.

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