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Thread: Touring Sports in Greenvile SC closing/sold/moving

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    Touring Sport in Greenville SC closing/sold/moving

    This is the last day for Touring Sport

    They will be closing for good this afternoon. The company has been bought by Cherokee Cycles in Greer SC and according to the general manager at CC they should be up and running with Touring Sport's full line of BMW, Triumph, Ducati and Zero motorcycles around September 8th. The tech staff and equipment will all come to the new location and join Cherokee Cycle's current staff.

    Just thought I would give everyone a heads up on this, it doesn't seem to have been publicized.
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    Wow, end of an era..

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    Should be a change for the better....Fingers crossed
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    We were at Touring Sport on opening day before anyone else showed up. Frank Shockley (Fast Frank) was the first to arrive and open up the store. We bought five bikes from Frank over the years, many of them over the phone!! A lot changed when the staff reorganized but they were an awesome dealer for a long, long time.
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    At least, Greer SC is not all that far from Greenville...

    Our local dealership is run from out of state, and it's a multi-brand facility. The seem to be only focused on Sales, not Service.

    We Ride 2-hours east to Chattanooga with a change of Time Zones in order to get our bigger, modern BMWs properly serviced...

    We do make use of other local providers for accessories, or we call Morton's BMW in VA for help (our former favorite dealer).

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    Quote Originally Posted by brorke View Post
    Should be a change for the better....Fingers crossed
    I have mixed feelings about this, sorta like my service experiences with Touring Sport....I have been thinking about trying out the Charlotte dealer,, maybe this will spur it along.
    Anyone hear what the reason for closure was...Covid?
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