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Thread: Hi from Tempe, AZ

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    Hi from Tempe, AZ

    Just traded my Africa Twin (too tall for me) for a bumblebee 750GS. Riding to Superior for breakfast every Friday. Maybe through the tunnel and a picture against the mountains

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    Welcome from Apache Junction. There's a great restaurant in Globe, Judy's cook house. I believe 60 from Superior to Globe is closed due to part of the highway washing out during this summers heavy monsoon season presently. Might be reopened now, I haven't checked in the last few weeks.

    The Kearney/Wilkleman loop through the mining areas is a good ride and bypasses 60 from Superior to Globe.
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    Hey from the north shore of the Tennessee River!

    Hoping that U really enjoy your newest BMW M/C; you've selected a versatile Motorrad Machine. Mrs-HSV put some 168,000 on her on F650GS-twin, and still uses it as a local scooter. And she did all her Iron Butt riding using the standard lower/skinnier seat. Must be her skeletal structure cause I sure wouldn't last That Long!

    Enjoy your purchase safely. I often say to add some extra Hi-Viz LED lights to your forks or engine guards for extra Conspicuity. It could just prevent a side-on crash at an intersection in the middle of nowhere [don't ask me how I know]. There are many Advertisers in the Owners' News... We put Denali D-2s on her "new" R1200RS.

    Enjoy your saddle time in the northern hill country near the Valley of the Sun!
    Hope U will turn up at next year's 50th B'Day Celebrations in Springfield, MO!

    Cheers from two Sun Devils {class of '83} in our 4-ever locale...
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    Welcome rmcfadd2! Hope you are enjoying the bike. Looking forward to seeing that picture with the mountains as backdrop.
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