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Thread: Back After 17 years.

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    Back After 17 years.

    Finally backing in the MOA, and in the saddle again after quite a long time.
    Feels good!
    On another r1150GS "El Mulo"

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    Wilkommen BoatFixxr! Were U in the Navy or a Coastie, or a Cabela's bass boat repairman?

    Well you're here now, with us, and you're indeed riding an olde BMW GS! Go with the Vibe - have some fun out in the back woods (wherever U happen to live). Be safe tho, cause we don't heal the way we once did! Professional Training is also a useful recommendation and possible option!!!

    Hope you're gonna show up with a full kit next June for the Super BIG MOA Anniversary Rally in MO. Let's see: 2022 - 50 = 1972! Might be a good reason to celebrate!

    Be safe & be seen - maybe add some Hi-Viz LEDs {just so the cagers can spot U coming!). Read your Owners' News for ideas...

    HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

    USAF-Ret'd -&- USN-Ret'd

    '14 K-GT -- '09 650GS-twin
    '75 R90S -- '82 R100CS
    - - - - - - - -'16 R1200RS

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    Thank you,
    I'm 67 yrs young, been a marine technician, and diesel mechanic 48 yrs, and business owner 38 yrs.
    Been riding since 14, with a hiatus the past few years except for a TW200 locally.
    Here's my first GS a 2000 I bought new and had many a great trip! Picture 002.jpg

    Here's my new to me 2nd GS, and 02' picking up a 24" 4-blade propeller because on the motorcycle I get on, and off the ferry 1st.
    Otherwise in the cage, I have to sit in a long ferry line to get back to the Olympic Peninsula.
    For the smaller boat parts, the GS is my parts chaser to and from the I-5 Corridor here in Washington.

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    Well Done, BoatFixxr!

    You fit in perfectly with the many Ferry commuters out there in WA! Sorta like the m/c commuters in every country but the US... Bikers filter forward, and get goin "tout de suite" at every traffic light... Hope you'll soon be focusing on your X-country touring instead of your parts delivery services across the sound. At least the boss gets to choose when he wants to go for a Long Ride, like to Missouri perhaps next June! Enjoy all the sojourns you can manage...

    After the Pine Mountain Getaway, we'll be visiting New England as part of our 2021 Iron Butt National Parks Gold Medal challenge:
    It's fun to have a partner who's as keen to ride as yourself. We were up in your neighborhood after the MT MOA Rally; stopped at Mt Rainier for a Stamp and an expensive lunch. We then left our Bikes at JBLM and flew to Anchorage to check AK off our to do list... We're also riding in the 2021 MOA CoddiWomple Quest thru Oct...

    Sláinte! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

    Our MotoQuest GS's parked in the woods on our stay at Moose Pass. Everywhere was booked in Seward!

    Mrs-HSV on her new-2-her RS as we rode toward Mount Rainier.

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    Welcome back from Newfoundland.
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
    save $5 on a new SmugMug account, use this coupon 7frrnSRiTt9Fk

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    Welcome boatfixx! Nice looking bikes (I really like the '02). Thanks for the pics.
    Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun...but Mama, that's where the fun is!

    2009 R1200RT Sand Beige Metallic (aka Champipple), 2007 Honda VFR RWB

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