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Thread: research help '78 R100S

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    research help '78 R100S

    I have an opportunity to purchase a 1978 R100S. 27.000miles Krauser four-valve heads and two into one exhaust. The color is white with red and blue pinstriping and a blue seat. the wheels are also painted sky blue. I've never seen one of these. Is it some sort of a home grown experiment or what. Everything looks to be original. Thanks for the help.

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    78 R100

    Well. obviously the Krauser 4V heads aren't stock. Paint jobs (either origional looking or custom) can look very good if someone like Holt did the work. Silly question, but why not ask the owner these questions. If he's not the origional owner, the DMV may have a paper trail. Finally, there's the VIN on the bike. Get that and compare it with several databases on the web and you can find out more about the bike.

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    The blue seat sounds like the very rare Motorsport Edition, and the rest of the colour scheme would seem in line with this. If the bike is good and solid and the price is not a problem, I'd buy it! I'm quite envious!

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