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Thread: Repair DVD availability

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioFlyer View Post
    Are you sure?

    Attachment 90549
    Some people enjoy a train wreck.
    It’s not a sign of agreement or “likes” on your behalf in spite of your perception.

    Unless I’m mistaken, you have manuals for the bikes you do own.
    I was going to point out your ad hominem attack on Reese and it’s irony of your perception of people doing it to you. I seriously do not have the time to respond to the Groundhog Day repetitive drone that you are stuck on. Stop being eristic… not Latin , but a good word.
    Go do something else and maybe get a hug as this has been more than tiring. As mentioned more than once, your fighting the wrong windmill brother.
    Steve Henson-Mod Team

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    I made a comment earlier about my thoughts about BMW, Ducati, and who knows how many others that no longer offer service manuals. In short, for me no service manual means no bike purchase. That's it.

    I understood some while back that the BMW MOA club had notified the BMW corporate folks that a service manual would be highly desired.

    This endless diatribe and ad hominem blather seems unproductive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerreece View Post
    RadioFlyer’s rebuttal is a complete fabrication… again. See if I backpedal from this statement.
    14 weeks.jpg

    Then the backpedal mere hours later.


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    It’s not called backpedaling, but again… nice try. I don’t “backpedal, or walk back my statements, because I have no narrative, I’m not trying to pull one over, I didn’t get “caught in a lie.” It’s called being transparent, and doing my due diligence. You know, like intelligence on the battlefield constantly changing…

    When I make a legitimate mistake I apologize for it, have done so often. I even did so to you on Facebook before I blocked you, when you caused me to make comments that were beneath the dignity of the position I hold (which I believe was your goal all along, and is your goal here as well… clearly) but regarding my efforts to work with industry on behalf of our members, I make no apologies. I and my family have sacrificed way too much on behalf of the club to apologize to an individual who is throwing a temper tantrum online.
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    In the future if the conversation becomes one sided, I’ve added radioflyer to my ignore list (a list of one). We’ll see how this blocking feature works. No further rebuttals necessary.
    R. Reece Mullins 2022 Sport Blue R1250RT (Anja)
    MOA # 143779
    MOA Charter Club #5 #364 #100 #1
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    Thread now closed. Discussions have drifted far away from the original subject and intent.
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