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Thread: Helite Electronic Vest

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    Wearing mine in 110F a few years ago while visiting Meteor Crater in Az.
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    I am a firm believer in airbag vests. But I am still looking for perfection: light, cool, reliable, good coverage, and easy to recharge.

    Four years ago I bought a HitAir vest. It invented the technology that Helite uses. They are pretty comparable but the HitAir is more open in its design so better ventilated. However I still struggle with the tether, I bet I spend 20% of the time untethered. I have probably popped this vest three times on drops, five minutes and $30 to recharge is hard to beat.

    A year or so later looking for better coverage I bought the Alpinestars Tech 5. I think this vest has the best coverage plus a significant back protector. It also has a track mode which is great for track weekends. Turn it on at the start of a ride and never think about it again. It is hot and bulky and must be worn under the jacket. I wear it in cold weather. I have popped this one twice on drops. Not supposed to go off at less than 10mph, but it does. $180 and three weeks to recharge.

    About six months ago I bought the Dainese Smart Jacket vest. Less bulky than the Tech 5. Can be worn inside or out. Put it on and ride, no thinking about tethers. Not as cool as the HitAir, but very comfortable. Haven't popped it yet, but $300 and three weeks if I do.

    After all this experience I think my ideal would be an electronic vest that you can recharge yourself. The electronic Helite might just be the ticket, but four vests might be a little much.

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