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Thread: 2016 R1200RT Accident Recap -- Helite Turtle2

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    Glad you are OK, it could have been much, much worse. I'm sure you are thinking about that.

    After totaling my '07 RT in the rain down in Texas 10 years ago I had PTSD afterward thinking about what COULD have happened and how lucky I was that a tractor trailer wasn't coming in the opposite direction to run me over while I was sliding down the highway. Couldn't stop thinking about that.

    I was also lucky and my gear saved me, I had no injuries to speak of. The PTSD subsided after a while but I am now even more hyper vigilant and paranoid about street surface conditions and what cars around me *might* do. I assume everyone is out to kill me, and I keep lots of space between me and everyone else whenever possible.
    Bill in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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    Yikes! Very glad you came out OK, Brad. Very sorry about the loss of the bike; I know you had it set up just the way you wanted it. Good luck with the new one.

    A technical question: Where on the bike did you attach the tether?

    Wishing you many more safe and happy miles!
    Bob Stewart
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    Hi Bob,
    There are 2 parts that come with the Helite vest that make up the tether.

    The first, and most important, is the bitter end of the actuation tether, which I looped thru the rigid black molded plastic that holds the front vertical seat adjuster. This end has a tri-glide style strap adjuster so you can adjust the overall length of the tether. This is important for consideration whether you want to stand up on your bike, or if you plan to connect/disconnect the tether while standing beside your bike before getting on the seat.
    I adjusted mine so that it would have about 2in of elastic stretch left when standing up on the pegs and I had the routine of connecting the clip end of the tether when I had already taken a seat on the bike.
    This part of the strap now comes out of the gap between the front of the seat and the LH tank faring.

    The second end of the tether has the flat side release clip. This clip is what is attached to the actuating mechanism for discharging the CO2 from the cylinder on the vest.
    The vest also comes with a matching female clip that is intended to be used when you are not on the bike and keep the tether from just hanging down from the frame mounted, permanent end of the strap.
    This clip is on a small loop of material that allows you to go around something and then back thru itself to hold fast. I chose to put this "free end" female clip as close to the LH handle bar as possible so that I wouldn't forget to clip on the tether before riding off.

    At the time of purchase, I bought a second tether as well as a second clip end so that if I ever had the chance to ride on a second bike I could easily put on a new tether vs having to remove the first setup.
    Hope this helps.

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    Boxflyer, I sure appreciate you posting this under Wetheads and understand your connection to this subforum. However, the incident you experienced, your 'airbag' vest, and the happy outcome (for you, not your bike), warrant posting under Motorrad as well if that's allowed. It would be of significant value to anyone on the fence given your stature in the community. You did everything right, and yet due to circumstances beyond your control...
    [Aside: Is the pressurized cylinder actually CO2, or Argon or other gas? In my experience, CO2 being stored as a liquid only has so much potential energy. When it changes from a liquid to a gas the temperature drops dramatically, slowing down the phase change. This layman's guess is that CO2 may not be the gas of choice.]
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    The link provided has FAQs and states that CO2 is used for inflation. If you anymore questions, feel free to contact them.
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    Thanks Boxflyer, Iíve been on the fence regarding an air vest for a bit and your story provided the catalyst for my purchase this morning. Hope all remains well and your enjoy the new ride!


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    As others have said... WOW. Glad that you're still with us both here on this earth and as a continuing rider.

    There are days here when it is over 100 degrees and I don't want to ATGATT, but I force myself to because I know it's the right thing to do. Your story is a reminder of that.
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    Boxflyer, Iím glad youíre OK. Like you and many others, Iím an ATGATT rider. FYI, I have some of the same gear. Motoport Kevlar Mesh suit (I find this a great warm weather suit) and Shoei Neotec 2 helmet. While $3,903 may seem like a lot to some, but I consider that cheap insurance.
    I remember when vests first came out, I thought it was an interesting idea, but I was thinking it needed a little more refinement. Fast forward several years and it seems like much of the refinement is there. It certainly makes me think about getting one.

    Quote Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
    [Aside: Is the pressurized cylinder actually CO2, or Argon or other gas? In my experience, CO2 being stored as a liquid only has so much potential energy. When it changes from a liquid to a gas the temperature drops dramatically, slowing down the phase change. This layman's guess is that CO2 may not be the gas of choice.]
    Boxflyer posted this link with a review about the vest. They briefly talk about why CO2 was utilized. If you want a little more information, you can watch the video, itís not that long. Here's the link....

    If you want to see this Helite Turtle2 AirBag Vest in action FortNine has an excellent review.
    Jeff in W.C.
    1988 R100 RT (the other woman)
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    Have had my Turtle 2 vest in HiViz for a few years now. Don't wear it all the time, but some of the time is better than none of the time for not owning one.

    Glad to hear another save story for Helite's vest.
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    If the price bothers you, I went with the HitAir which is the same concept, a little more breathable though and almost $200 cheaper. Amazon has them for $499.

    Here is a good article. Nothing in this for me but trying to get people to wear protection and be safe.
    Shawn Conver
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    Glad you had it on. Coincidentally, I set off my Tech 5 air vest yesterday in a zero mph tip over. No damage to me other than the cost of rearming it -- these need to go to Alpine Stars to be refurbished. I think I'll use my Hit-Air (which I got for the track) in the meantime.
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    Glad to hear you made it thru such an experience OK. Good story and thanks for sharing. I saw a demo of the Helite at Wunderlich America in Hendersonville, NC a couple of weeks ago. I was starting to be convinced after seeing the demo and becoming more convinced now.

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    Does the Hit-Air vest have the same type of neck/helmet stabilization as the turtle?

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    So happy that youíre still with us, and thanks for sharing your story. It could have turned out so differently. Itís always a pleasure to read something that is written so well. I too enjoy the videos.

    Let us know how well, or not, the insurance companies handle the situation.


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    I have USAA for all my insurance, and they sub-out their motosports policies to Progressive.

    The other driver's insurance (Hartford) claimed 100% responsibility for the accident, so I wasn't faced with any of my deductibles and everything was covered completely.
    My Progressive policy has a $3000 cap on added bike accessories and rider safety equipment lumped in to one category.
    Between my front and rear Ilium bars, paint film, tank pads, windshield, headlight cover, reflective tape and 49L top case to name a few, some adjustment for my gear including the $29 for a new CO2 cylinder on my Helite Turtle2, I reached the $3000 limit.

    The allowance for my totaled bike with 78k miles on it was very generous and with a little extra from the retirement fund, I purchased a used 2019 R1250RT with Option 719 and Akropovic exhaust plus other farkles. Only had 11k miles.

    Overall, I have been VERY satisfied with the way Progressive has handled this claim and will be staying with them.

    I'm ready to be on the road again with all my riding gear and will continue to wear it all, whether it's hot or cold.

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