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Thread: 310GS switched GPS power

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    310GS switched GPS power

    I have the BMW three wire plug to connect switched power to a GPS. I've had all the body panels off to try and find where it luck. I've attached an image from the service manual for reference. Can anyone ID where the connection is?

    Screenshot 2021-08-03 100443.jpg
    Jim Nyffeler (Nyfty)
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    BMW 310 GS Switched Outlets.jpg

    This is what they look like behind the front cowl. There is also one back by the side panel.

    When you get in there check it with a continuity tester, turning the ignition key on and off.

    It seems like I had a problem finding the right connector. Maybe listed as a wire to the turn signals on the parts fisch worked. Maybe?

    Hope this helps.

    Wayne Koppa
    Grayling, MI

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