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Thread: What and where is a Ducks (maybe Dukes) bmw motorcycle rally?

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    What and where is a Ducks (maybe Dukes) bmw motorcycle rally?

    Someone said, or so I thought, it takes place in GA but a friend said maybe it is a rally out West. Was simply told it was good and good music. Thought it was coming up in October or November of this year.

    Now that I am retired figured I would try to fill out some blank monthly calendar dates. Live down in tampabay FL (middle of the State west side) though can travel up in SE area. Maybe other places though no bike that way if maybe towing a 21' travel trailer (TT).

    They need to come out with an inexpensive light weight two wheel ride (scooter...else maybe that sondars metacycle) one could toss in a suv or maybe my TT. Not able to attached one to back of this TT so that is not an option sadly.

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    "Duke" is a KTM...

    Just Google "ducati rally 2021" and you'll get the locations and schedules.

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    You are refering to Ducks rally, it is put on by Duck Koch Georgia Airmarshall you can reach him at

    This rally is in November
    Cal Garcia
    Suches, GA

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    thank you, the girl with the little doggie told me about it (failed to remember her name). Her transmission melted (sync oil it seems) while on a summer trip riding a K bike (believe it was). I will email him now

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