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Thread: ISO Right Adjuster Plate for 2003 F650 GS

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    ISO Right Adjuster Plate for 2003 F650 GS

    Anyone out there parting out a GS thumper, or know someone? Looking for the Right Chain Adjuster Plate, BMW part #33177650080 - the number appears on the part itself
    It's currently on B\O with BMW and "mission critical" for a long-planned trip to CO in a few weeks.

    Already reached out to Beemer Boneyard and Re-Psycle; also searched EBay to no avail.

    Any help in locating this part is MUCH appreciated.

    Steve Clarke
    Bay Village OH

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    Welcome to the forum! You could also put a wanted ad in the Marketplace link at the top of the page. Also, click on the link in my signature...there is a used parts section with other places you could try.
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    A good machinist could probably make what you need.
    Kevin Huddy
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