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Thread: Grand America peg lowering

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    Grand America peg lowering

    Has anyone lowered their GA footpegs? I am having trouble finding any...I would assume peg lowering kit for a GTL would work??

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    Welcome to the forum! Have you contacted Suburban Machinery...asked them about it? Maybe also check with Ilium Works.
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    I recommend something like this, Dennis! I use similar Highway-pegs on my GT.

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    Suburban Machinery has them--Thanks!

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    I put the Suburban Machine peg lowering blocks on my "B." Unfortunately, it screws up the shifter and brake pedal positions. I was able to adjust the shift lever lower using the existing threads on the shift arm, but the brake lever is hopeless. If I decide to keep the peg blocks, I'll have to see if I want to spend the extra $$$ on their rear brake lever as well. All-in-all, it's not a cheap proposition to lower your footpegs on these bikes.

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