I’m planning a ride this winter through Mexico to Guatemala. I’ve driven through several years ago with my family (4 kids and wife in a full sized van) so I’m not totally clueless as to Mexican roads, etc. but haven’t done anything of the sort solo on two wheels. I have an R1150RT. I have pretty marginal Spanish, but have traveled completely illiterate in many countries, so can get by. I’ve traveled all over the world over the last decade and some, so international travel is not a new thing… I don’t need the kind of advice about keeping valuables hidden, etc.

My thought is to cross over at Presidio/Ojinaga and get toward Monterey to get in the State Department’s yellow zone and keep pretty much to the cuota toll roads to avoid issues and work my way south. Probably spend a little time in San Miguel de Allende and Oaxaca, skirt around Mexico City, and eventually end up at our home away from home on Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala over about six weeks.

So, I’m looking for advice on what kind of things I really need to carry for MC-specific travel, whether there are known areas to avoid beyond the state department map, and resources on how to know those in the planning process as opposed to questioning people along the way. I know no driving at night and no drinking/drugs/partying.

Also, are there any groups doing a similar ride to tag along with? My work schedule (I work remotely and plan to do 3-4 days working and 3-4 days moving) will make this more difficult, but it sure seems like it’d be nice to be with a group for safety sake.