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Thread: 2005 R1200ST Risers Search & RPM tech?

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    Question 2005 R1200ST Risers Search & RPM tech?

    I recently purchased a R1200ST and really do love the bike. I had a R1200C and the horsepower jump is uncomparable. However the forward riding position has taken a little getting used to. After about 1500mi it continues to get better, but I would like to try some risers. Creative Cycle Concepts are the only ones I can find on the net. Suburban Machinery is questioning on whether to manufacture any at all. Any comments / help would be greatly appreciated.

    I also noticed that I am getting some vibration on my hands around 4200rpm in 6th gear (~80mph). Granted this is fast (it is a SPORTS Tourer), but I would think that it would still be smooth at that level. Again, comments appreciated.

    Thanks in advance to you fellow members for offering any help!

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    You might want to look on and do a search as some risers have been posted on that site. Also is a new site for ST owners send them an email with your request.My ST is quite smooth at 4200 around 4800 there is a little buzz but that goes away then smooth again till redline.
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    Both of my hexheads have gotten smoother with mileage.

    Is yours still drinking oil?
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