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Thread: Goodbye FJR hello 1250 GS

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    Goodbye FJR hello 1250 GS

    Hello Everyone,
    After much deliberation I decided to pull the trigger and trade my 2020 FJR1300 for a 2021 1250GS. Ordered the GS May 1st and it finally arrived at the dealership last week. Picked it up Tuesday and after a long and very hot ride did the trade and rode it home. 550 miles all told. A long day in the saddle but absolutely loved it. What riding is all about. Looking forward to getting out and doing some touring with my wife on the back. Turning the clock back to my twenties when I lived in the UK and touring Europe was my regular adventure.IMG_0024.jpgIMG_0024.jpg

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    Good choice! You would enjoy riding that with the GS Giants!

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Great first post
    Enjoy your new bike.
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    That's a beauty!👍
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    Hope you're all trained up to make the switch to Dual-Sporting. Seriously, since you're enthusiastically making the jump into the GS-world with both feet, do not stray too far afield w/o some professional off-road counseling! It saved our bacon when we took a very long detour in the Badlands of SD... We kept our bikes upright - I'm convinced having serious D/S Heidenau K-60s got us through! Wish U many Miles and Smiles on pavement & gravel... We've done about 8,500 miles in the last two months; just another 1.5K yet to go to get

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    Welcome, I made the switch in '18, 48,000 miles later I'm still happy. I still hang with the FJR crew too, I'm running their National get together on Hlenwood Springs CO next month.
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    Welcome cymru59! That bike is so good looking it deserves to have two photos. Thanks for posting.
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    Thanks for the kind comments. Now to get some time off from work and go and enjoy a little touring. I have to say the 719 option parts, cylinder head covers, front engine cover and mirrors look absolutely great in person.
    The first obvious difference from my FJR1300 is the weight and manoeuvrability. So much easier to move around and weight feels a lot lower down plus I can just about flat foot the GS whereas I was on tip toes on the FJR.

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