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Thread: Replaced dead battery with LiFePO4 Motorcycle battery, no start, no hazards, no turns

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    Further testing


    I've continued testing with the excellent electrical schematics drawn up by Mr. Doug Raymond Also donated $20.00 for his efforts.

    Anyways, it appears, per his schematics, that the "Load Relief Relay" is the lynchpin to providing power to handlebar control items (e.g. hazards, blinkers, high/low beams, windshield adjuster). But the interesting part is that the solenoid portion of the relay is grounded directly to the starter solenoid. This gave me a clue, as manually actuating the "Starter Relay" could complete the "Load Relief Relay's" circuit, as it too, provides a ground connection upstream from the starter solenoid. I removed the plastic relay cover off the "Starter Relay" and, with the key in the "OFF" position, I manually completed the starter relay circuit.

    Sure enough, lights, flashers, and even the windshield adjuster came back to life. The horn was the only thing not working, but I see on page 3 of the schematic that the "Horn Relay" would have to be actuated by the key switch in order to receive power from the "Load Relief Relay". I did not investigate that segment any further for now.

    My initial reaction is that the starter solenoid is bad. I did continuity checks across the solenoid and came up with 0.3 ohms - which at first blush would generically conclude that the solenoid is working fine. I wasn't satisfied with that test, so I pulled the starter motor off and did a bench test. I was unable to actuate the solenoid plunger by applying current across the coil. So I decided to connect power directly to the motor itself; No joy. As Dr. McCoy would tell CAPT Kirk: He's dead, Jim.

    I have a new starter on order. I will install and test again. However...I'm a bit suspicious of the key switch as well, since the "Horn Relay" failed to actuate when the key was in the "ON" position, even when I manually closed the "Starter Relay" switch. Looking at page 3 of Doug's schematic, the "Horn Relay" receives positive voltage from the "Load Relief Relay", just like the flashers and other ancillaries, BUT...the positive voltage comes from the key switch, and grounds out when the horn button is depressed, which should actuate the "Horn Relay" and cause the horns to sound off.

    But...since I manually induced a complete circuit via the "Starter Relay", I want to hold off on throwing parts at the bike until I can definitively prove that the starter motor is not the only issue. Manually closing the "Starter Relay" obviously, does not turn on the Motronic circuitry directly, so again...I'll wait for the starter.

    More to follow.


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    Those 1150s had notoriously tight wiring at the key switch and sometimes it would result in broken wiring right below it.
    Id check out that wiring harness as well Good luck!
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