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Thread: If you were retired and could live anywhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 22600 View Post
    .....The HSR (Hi-speed Train) runs at almost 300kph and I can be at the International airport in an hour which would take a bus 3.5 hours to get there....
    This may be helpful when you see landing craft approaching from the west.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milo View Post
    This may be helpful when you see landing craft approaching from the west.
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    I think it will be too late at that point. If the USA continues to back Taiwan, it won't happen. If not, then I guess I will be following China's new rules just implemented; no computer games during the week and no more girly boy shows on TV; I can live with that. Or, I'll hightail it back to Texas.
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    Weíll be heading to SoCal, San Diego County, to set up shop and retire.


    Great riding, decent weather. Mexico is nearby. And thereís a decent city close. LA isnít far and I kind of like lots of Los Angeles.

    Itís not for everyone., thank goodness. We could move just about anywhere in the US, but after there as a kid, being located elsewhere for 25 years and now 22 years in NorCal, we want to stay in the state that has provided us so much opportunity and growth.

    Youíll have to come visit.
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    Sounds odd But..
    A civil engineer friend and I discuss this.
    With the drought situation in the West it could get real bad, REAL BAD
    He thinks southern Minnesota might be a nice place to be.
    Tough in the winter but thats life.
    The heat in the SW in the summer is not for me

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