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Thread: Top Case Will not open

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    Top Case Will not open

    Recently bought a used R1200RT 2007 – came with panniers and a top case. While the mounting latch works fine, the case opening latch as finicky. Recently it stopped opening. Thankfully only trapping dead air in it.

    What is the least intrusive method of opening this so I can get at the mechanism to fix this? I am assuming it needs a new mechanism, or will after trashing the existing one to get into it.

    Yes the key works fine, locks, Released and allows the key to be depressed to open.

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    Push in on the latch while pushing in on the lock and see if that helps it to open. If that doesn't help I can point you to some good info on disassembly and lubrication to fix this issue.

    Also an 07RT is a hex head. I had to learn that when I got mine.

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    Are there any openings where you can shoot some lube in and try using a soft mallet to loosen up what ever is hanging up? Maybe through the key opening?
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    I’d suggest finding a friend’s bike with the same topcase and ask to open the case and have a look to familiarize yourself with how/where it latches, then on yours try holding in the latch button and smacking the appropriate place with the palm of your hand or a balled fist. I had to do that on a Shad case once after getting something caught in the latch when I closed it.

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    Hold, smash and bash

    I'm afraid that this what has caused the ultimate failure of this mechanism. Just hoping to resolve with out having to resort to SawZAll Magic.

    For the cost of the new mechanism or "BMW" top I'll buy a $75.00 duffel bag, some bungee cords and call it good.

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    Trapped Air Finally Released!

    Thanks for the input, thought I would share the final solution to this dilemma and the fun steps to remedy.

    To recap, the Open Lid mechanism failed, Release From Rack works fine.

    I started by removing the lock cylinder – thanks Classic Cycle Connection for the YouTube video. With the lock Cylinder removed it became apparent there was no means of activating the Open Lid mechanism. In looking at various parts diagrams it indicated the key shackle stud was molded into the handle.

    Deploying the flat end of my trusty cats paw, a quick pop broke the end of the shackle and voila the trunk opened. So much for any sense of security one should have about their trunk, good grief I think an 8th grade shop class could have come up with less complex and higher security mechanism than the BMW crew, but I digress.

    With the trunk open I did disassemble the bottom halves to explore if there was a fix to the Open Lid mechanism. The fix is to buy a new overly complex mechanism at and cost of several hundreds of dollars. Likewise, I would also need a new handle – only available as an assembly for another hundred plus.

    Then I thought, Gee if there was only a way to use the existing, and functioning, Trunk Release handle to secure the Open Lid in a locked position. Cut a flat bar and 2 #8 Stainless Steel screws with fancy washers later, I have a trunk with a lid that can be secured with equal B&E potential for a whole lot less.


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