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Thread: 1976 r60/6 points trouble

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    1976 r60/6 points trouble

    Hi Folks, I am stuck in Medicine Hat,Alberta. My points closed up on our 2000 mile trip from Vancouver Island to Alberta. I set the points on O/T in 104 degree heat. The bike ran fine and idled like a dream for 100 miles. Again the points closed up. I got new points,condenser and fasteners for the points plate. The old points had no washers. I have no strobe light. There seems to be something in the water here as several shops have gone postal and are well beyond rude. They are ,to a man , random in picking and choosing what they will work on. My rig is presently in an ex BMW shop. The owner says, "I haven't decided if I want our mechanic to work on your bike." My question after this long prologue is. Will I damage my engine with just a static setting at O/T? These shops are all failing. I don't trust anybody now. I have a degnerative spine and cannot crawl on the ground. What say you ?

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    There are four listings in the Anonymous Book in Medicine Hat.

    I recommend you enlist some help from one of these members.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Ye You Can

    Hopefully, you will be able to contact someone for help, as mentioned. But if not, you may need to go it on your own.

    To answer your question, no you will not damage your bike by setting timing by eyeball, at least not for a long while. As you mentioned, set it on OT, the see how it starts and idles. If it kicks back on the starter, retard timing a little at a time, till it no longer kicks back. First, scribe a mark across the face of the points plate and onto the surrounding aluminum. That way you have a reference point in how much you move it each time. Once it starts easily, and idles OK, then ride on. Might even leave the timing cover off, if weather permits, for a few hours, in case you decide you need to tweak timing a bit more later. This method will put timing close enough to get you home, then you can do it the conventional way, with a light. Also, hopefully you have some points block lube, to minimize wear on the fiber / plastic points block.

    Good luck, and try to do the job early before the heat comes.
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    Like Joe says, and Paul suggests. Set points, even if they are off a little bit, you should be able to ride. With timing advanced too much, biggest danger is pinging, if you hear it, you can as Joe suggests, back off or continue to ride "gently" no cranking the throttle at the lights, no lugging the engine. or ton up dashes. A little retarded timing will mess up idle and gas mileage but won't damage anything. You should be either able to get home or to a more respectful shop.

    Man, I am feeling for you, Sorry I can't get there to help. Good luck, St.

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    If you get a chance check your points cam lobe for pitting, this can cause the "Lifting" block on the points to wear quickly.
    this happened to me on my 1978 R80/7
    I polished the lobes with 1500 then 2000 grit paper with oil on the paper
    This fixed my problem, might fix yours, something is causing the Lifting block to wear.
    1978 R80/7

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    Going to add some to your title for clarity.
    Good luck.
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