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I would think electric tow vehicles that pull RVs would be a viable alternative, if they can get a range of 400 miles or so pulling a rig, as every RV campground is already wired for 30/50 amp electric. Maybe incorporate a battery into the RV to extend the range of the tow vehicle and charge every night at the camp sight. Of course, RV sites will increase in cost for the electric charge, but that will happen everywhere. I can see a whole new RV camping model sprouting up next to the highways and biways. Just a matter of imagination, and quite possibly a cultural change in how we move around. Or maybe a gaser and an electric sitting in the driveway. After all, the two car or more per family is a well established process. If we eliminated just half the gasers on the roads we would all start to see the benefits of better air quality.
And with the development of the solid state battery, the practical use of EVs could possibly be sooner than expected.