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Thread: $49 registration for 2022 ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgoertz View Post
    Well, I attended the GF rally, picked up (or was given) the Springfield card w/the "secret" offer. Tried the link on the card, the site then asked for a password, I entered "SPRINGFIELD49" and was taken to the registration form where I registered for the 2022 Rally, pre-ordered my T-Shirt, and exited. Everything worked as expected. I then exited the site and made a hotel registration nearby. Making reservations a year in advance definitely can make a difference in the room rate! I prefer hotels w/comfy beds and hot showers to sleeping on a leaky air mattress and stumbling over to the port-a-john in the middle of the night!
    What he said exactly!!
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    The early registration discount is now open.
    $55 for one or $99 for two.
    The special ends Jan 31.
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