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Thread: Battery Access and Needed Starter Resource

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    Battery Access and Needed Starter Resource

    The subject is a 2004 R1150R. Have any of you creative fellows found a way to access the battery without removing the tank? Maybe prop it just enough? For now, all I need is to disconnect the ground.

    There was no sound from the starter during the first attempt - even though it turned over strongly on the second. Best to look into this before I get stuck somewhere. I was thinking there might be a faulty connection. Don't want to fry something while poking around.

    Also...I haven't been able to find a resource for diagnosis of starter problems. Maybe someone has a link handy.
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    I didn't check them fully but there are a couple of threads about battery access in the Similar Threads pane at the bottom of the screen.
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    I have a R1100RT and have not needed to remove the tank. Can't recall if I've lifted the tank a bit but I think I simply slid the old one out and reversed the process with the new battery.

    I am assuming our bikes' tanks and batteries are setup similarly since both are Oilheads.
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    To check the connection at the battery you need to get there. Lifting the tank is about the minimum.

    But, to jump start or otherwise access high current just go to the connection of the battery cable at the starter. That is a direct connection to the positive battery post.
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