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Thread: Rt to xr

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    Rt to xr

    I`m considering a buy on a 2016 S 1000 XR, I`m geting it at a price where I can have it lowered at a BMW DEALER and still have a fair deal. I`m 5`9.5 and 68 years young so the standard height is too dangerous and uncomfortable , i WOULD LIKE SOME FEEDBACK ON THE XR as far as comfort riding in the cold and wind protection as the RT was great for winter and low temps and keeping a good deal of rain off of me . I need a smaller and lighter bike in my golden years so the XR hopefully would fit my needs, probably have to add a touring windshield . I didn`t get much time on it when I test rode it a few years back ,I`m in Conn. so the the temp is from the 20`s up to 95 thanks again lads !

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    RT to XR

    Well, I have both an RT and an XR.

    For me, with the tweaks I made to the XR, it's actually more comfortable than my RT. The XR is not really pillion friendly though, so the RT is for our two-up touring.

    With respect to the wind/rain protection, the XR clearly is not what the RT is. But the XR (as a whole) is not at all what the RT is. The XR is an old guy (I'm 52) sport bike. That thing is an absolute rocket that does not like poking around. It is so capable it makes me a MUCH faster rider than I should be. You think, it goes...

    The XR is top heavy compared to the RT however. I'm 5'11" and lowered my XR using the soupy's links and dropped the front forks an inch or so. I did add the BMW high seat for less slide toward the tank which was key for me.

    If speed it not your thing, maybe a lowered GS can work. But if you want to feel like a kid again (mind you that you can get too far over your skis pretty quickly), the XR IS the e-ticket ride.
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