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Thread: Newbie needs advice

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    I would trailer it home. A few years ago a friend who had been riding bikes for decades, got rid of his bike for a nicely setup hack. Unfortunately almost a year into his ownership he somehow (I didnít ask how) he drove it into a ditch and totalled it. He went back to bikes.

    As others have mentioned, driving one is not the same riding.
    Paul F. Ruffell
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    Sitting in the throw caution to the wind camp. I got the call that the rig was ready, I got a buddy to give me a ride the 80 miles to Brock's place.
    Here is the first ride. Me as Monkey while Brock gives me some instruction.
    After a bit of practice off to home we headed. Took it easy. Can't say there weren't pucker moments as I acquired sidecar skills but never died LOL
    I am certainly not a Pro and know all there is to know. I have learned, when piloting a Sidecar it is best to remain Humble and be open to learning new skills each and every ride.
    Poor pictures, old tech phone camera, but gives me good memories

    Take care and above all else, Enjoy.
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    Well done!
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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