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Thread: painting wheels R100S

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    When you get stuff powder coated it also all about prep. The only bad thing about powder coat is once it starts to corroded underneath it really destroys the metal and you won't see it until its to late. If you have anything power coated ask how many steps they take. If its a good powder coated they will tell you, if not they just stare at you. Most just do a 3 step a good one does 6 or 7 step process. They are hard to fine. As good as power coat stands up most of the time I will go with paint.

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    Oh for sure, prepping powder coat is just as time consuming and tedious as prepping for paint. I am lucky, I have one of the best powder coat guys available. Yep, cheap is not always the best. St.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    What type is most resistant to chipping during tire changes?
    Quote Originally Posted by jhall View Post
    I was wondering the same, also wonder if it's a good idea to paint the beads and inner surface. It's hard to avoid scratching / scarring during tire change, especially with snowflakes. Seems like a paint chip on a bead may cause a slow leak.
    Based on my airhead valve covers, I'd say powder coat is far more chip resistant. However, if someone changing a tire at home with tire irons has a clumsy moment , the powder coat can certainly be chipped from the edge of the wheel.
    As far as painting or powder coating the inner surface of the wheel, both the Lesters and snowflakes are tube-type wheels, so it shouldn't matter there. But tubeless-type wheels are typically painted inside and out, so I'm not sure it makes a difference in practice.

    Quote Originally Posted by STEVENRANKIN View Post
    One of the things I have heard about paint versus powder coat is it is easier to repair scratches and chips in painted parts than in powder coated parts.
    I personally haven't found much difference between the two. I've scratched valve covers on the /7 from tip-overs (and wheels during a clumsy moment with the tire iron/bead protector ), and touched them up with the appropriate gloss paint using the usual painting prep techniques for the touchup and it looks as good as touchup on a traditionally painted surface. In my view, the powder coat's advantage is in the durability on areas that see a lot of exposure to rock chips or similar high-wear areas. But even then, it will wear through over time (e.g., the pannier frames where the bags contact the frame).
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