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Thread: 16r1200rs took a nap on the left side last night

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    16r1200rs took a nap on the left side last night

    Getting ready for the upcoming trip, I was sitting on the bike in the garage and going through settings moving from 1 up plus luggage to 2 luggage with the added gear [ roughly 90#'s between the panniers [ 15#'s in each and the camp gear at 35#'s ] plus the top box and weight of the panniers themselves [ which the bike had added before I purchased it ]

    Forgot I put the stand up to check balance of the gear and went to get off and the bike laid itself down fairly gently. I removed the big roll top carrying the camping gear, the clothes luggage and tried to lift it up using the skills everyone shows on you tube vids. Was not going to happen and this is 10:30pm when the neighbor is long in bed to help.

    Then I remembered I had bought the moto-bike jack when I had the GS a few years ago and would go off road. Got it out, had the bike up and on it's side stand in less than 3 minutes. Whew!!!!!!!!!!

    Two slight marks on the jug protector, two scuff marks on the left pannier lower front and barely noticeable after I applied some acf-50. No other damage.

    So the moto-bike jack was placed back in it's container and now resides in the bmw soft top 30L top box for the trip. At closing in on 70 and nursing a small hernia, I just wasn't going to muck up my back or create more problems with the hernia just before the trip.

    That moto-bike jack saved the day for me last night. Thus it was a very good investment at the time and the first time I've had to use it. Simple to set up, it weighs 7.5 pounds but it paid for itself last night in the garage. I'm not as strong as I used to be, have health issues but nothing serious other than just getting up there in years with the requisite aches and pains from injuries long ago that revisit more often these last few years.

    I don't plan to stop riding, but I do plan to make that moto-bike jack part of the 24/7 gear that remains on the motor.
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    I also have a Moto Jack, and it saved me once on a remote mountain road. I bought it after waiting on another mountain road for 25 minutes waiting for a car to come by (thank God he stopped). These days I carry the Eastbound Moto Winch which does the same thing, but is more compact and weighs about four pounds. Definitely helps my peace of mind.

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    Interesting thread on bikes tipping over, picking them up, too tall bikes………post 64 has a picture of the bike jack, pretty cool

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    That MotoWinch instructions are 4 pages long! I looked them over and really couldn't make heads or tails of it. (Might help if I had the device.) Hope it's a lot simpler in practice than that.

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    Here is a video that might help. He also has a fair amount of BMW GS content.

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    Got to give Green Chilie Adventure a plug. Their Z-Drag recovery system is smaller and lighter.It was intended to recover a bike that is stuck or down the side of a hill, but the day I fell and broke a rib I learned it could be used to upright a GSA. Nice piece of kit, goes everywhere with me now. You should check it out

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    Moto bike jack. Now I know what my next MC related purchase will be. Thanks for sharing.

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