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Thread: New here, kinda...

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    New here, kinda...

    Itís official! Paid for my membership today.
    I tried the free trial and looked around, I was impressed, itís also entertaining and educational.
    I live near Kingston Ontario and ride a 2005 RT that Iíve had for 3 years.
    My partner rides a Harley(doesnít make her a bad person and was instrumental on getting me back on 2 wheels after a 35 yr hiatus.

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    Welcome from Newfoundland!
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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    Welcome, and thanks for hanging around!!
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
    '78 R100/7 & '69 R69S & '52 R25/2
    mine-ineye-deatheah-pielayah-jooa-kalayus. oolah-minane-hay-meeriah-kal-oyus-algay-a-thaykin', buddy!

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    Welcome from down the road in London.
    Paul F. Ruffell
    Retired and riding my RTs, the '87 K100 & the '98 R1100 !
    Knights of the Roundel #333

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    Hallo RT-Model!

    We're glad that U got your money's worth out of your free year's subscription to the Owners' News, and U saw fit to reconnect all on your own.

    You're blessed to have a fun-loving Low-Rider to eXplore the countryside with. As Long as She rides, then Life's Good! We're loyal Beemer riders since we were introduced by an enthusiastic LDR HD Iron-Butt Rider. But then I've been a loyal BMW rider since my first R90S back in '75... It's still in use to this day, but we left the airheads down yonder in the lower 48. Not very comfortable for LDR outings, but then nothing with 2 wheels is comfortable when it's 115F on the tarmac!

    We're enjoying some saddle-time on MotoQuest BMWs at the moment {now half-way thru our 2-week Alaskan ADVenture}.

    Just returned from the "world famous" Malamute Saloon in Ester, AK. Friendly folks over there; local music starts at 1900....

    Be safe up there behind your locked borders...
    HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

    '14 K-GT -- '09 650GS-twin
    '75 R90S -- '82 R100CS
    - - - - - - - -'16 R1200RS

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    Welcome from Hotlanta! Sounds like you are enjoying the RT. Pics are always appreciated.
    Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun...but Mama, that's where the fun is!

    2009 R1200RT Sand Beige Metallic (aka Champipple), 2007 Honda VFR RWB

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    Welcome to the MOA
    We've been through Kingston a few times.

    Have you been to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton NY?

    2016 R1200RS
    MOA # 30878
    Past BMW Bikes: 2011 K1300S, 2003 K1200RS, 1991 K75S, 1987 K75T, 1984 R100RT

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