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Thread: SW Motech Center Stand 310GSl

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    SW Motech Center Stand 310GSl

    I recently purchased a used 2018 BMW G310GS, for which the previous owner purchased the Sw Motech center stand. I'm wondering if its the correct stand for this bike. Its extremely difficult to to get the bike up on the stand. In fact, it takes two people. Once up, the tires have 3 5/8" clearance to the floor -- very high. In addition, the spring doesn't keep the stand stowed snuggly when in the up position; there's some play in the spring. What am I missing?

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    I don't know much about the bike, but I found their website and the center stand for the bike:

    From the picture, if it is of the 310GS, the rear tire is pretty high...can't say if it's over 3 inches though.
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    Mystery solved — bike has a lowering link, and I wasn’t smart enough to know it…🤪

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