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Thread: R1150RT water in muffler?

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    R1150RT water in muffler?

    Hi folks,

    I pulled the stock muffler and cat off of my 04 R1150RT to do some other work on it and I noticed that it sounds like there is water sloshing around inside the thing. The bike has 12k on it and externally the muffler and cat look to be in good shape.

    I tried standing it up on either end and letting it sit for a while but nothing comes out in either orientation. I know that water is a product of combustion so it's not strange that it could be in there. I just don't get why it won't drain out. Has anyone else seen this?


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    Clogged hole in the low point in the exhaust?
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    Is there a drain hole that I am missing?


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    Are you sure that it’s water and not just loose carbon? Or possibly a loose section of the internal baffling?

    Water condensation is common in exhausts systems of vehicles that are routinely run for short distances, like commuters or grocery-runners. But it would be unusual to find significant condensation on a bike that is consistently run distances long enough to thoroughly heat engine and exhaust.

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    It's definitely liquid. The bike has not been run hard for a while so as you mentioned I'm hoping that it will fix itself once I start riding it regularly. Just seems like there should be some way for it to drain out from one end or the other.


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    The flow path through the "muffler" section is very convoluted; that's how they get a good overall length after the initial restriction of the catalytic converter.
    It will probably take several iterations of inverting it up and down and around to get water out; I'd recommend that you try to drain it out the rear, so that any crud doesn't block the cat up front.
    Maybe a steady air flow in the "normal" direction would also help.

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