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    First Timers

    I wanted to say what a positive experience attending the 2021 Rally was. My riding buddy Bill and I had a great six day ride on some of the great roads of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. We enjoyed volunteering at the Volunteer booth and meeting a number of very friendly people. We enjoyed the presentations and learned a lot at the "Road Masters" Course we took on Friday, that we applied on our ride back to Boise. It was fun looking at all the different motorcycles parked both in the day parking and in the camping areas. We were on F850's and were interested in talking to other who owned them. We counted 10 in our walks around, a couple belonging to members that I had met on the MOA forms. I want to commend the volunteers and MOA leadership for putting this together during so difficult a time as the last 18 months have been with Covid.

    Rob Adams & Bill Selkirk

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    Nice Report on behalf of you two!

    Terrific to learn of an enjoyable experience by 1st Time rally-goers.

    Simple truth: WE ALL have a choice in what the rally turns out to be for each of us... Attitude over Expectations goes a long way toward satisfaction.

    Appreciate you acknowledging ALL the Volunteers, and our Rally Leadership core. Hope to see you in Missouri 2022!
    "travel'n" John... on a 2015 R1200GS / MOA# 102452
    "Keep you a steady eye ahead, with a firm grip on the throttle, be ready with the brakes... for every mile of road, there are two miles of the ditch"
    (words of wisdom credited to fellow MOA rider Bill T.)

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    I echo what John has said, so eloquently. As a club we are always striving to improve our events and club experience. Positive feedback like yours, as well as constructive criticism go a long way to further the cause. I appreciate your positive comments and willingness to acknowledge the hard work our volunteers put in to pulling off events of this magnitude.
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