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Thread: Tampa, FL Airhead Shops/MOA Members - Wheel bearings!

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    Tampa, FL Airhead Shops/MOA Members - Wheel bearings!

    Hello MOA!

    Recently joined especially for the tech access to those issues I just can't figure out. I just had my wheels powder coated on my 84 R100! I'm having quite some trouble with redoing the wheel bearings and measuring the preload myself. I was wondering if there are any MOA members local to the Tampa area and would be able to provide some assistance. I've checked the following link for Airhead Shops and haven't had much luck for this specific issue. I was told that Steve's BMW Repair is no longer working on public bikes, I'm waiting to put a call into Haps on Tuesday.

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    Welcome to the forum! There's another list of independent mechanics on the IBMWR might have other options.

    Did Steve's shop have any suggestions for you? A few months ago, there was an Airhead Beemer Club tech day up in Homosassa, FL, so there seems to be some interest in your area. Have you looked at the Anonymous Book to see if there are some other MOA members near you that might have some suggestions?

    One of our longtime members put a thread together on changing bearings on his Snowflake wheels. Towards the end, he discusses preload:

    He mentions Snowbum and he has a page on bearings here:
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