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Thread: Anyone installed a Clearwater CANopener on F750/850GS?

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    Anyone installed a Clearwater CANopener on F750/850GS?

    I'm moving a set of Darlas that were on my old R1200GSW to my '21 850GS and am a little confused about accessing the TPM module to plug in the CANopener. Clearwater's instruction photos are a bit murky. I believe the TPM is #1 in my photo here of the area under the rear of the seat and not #2. If it's #1, it doesn't look like I can free the plug without removing the luggage rack and the large plastic piece that covers the space under the seat.

    Has anyone else made this installation on an 850 or 750? Is there another CAN bus connector under there that uses the same plug and would be easier to access? Any advice would be appreciated!

    f850gs tpm location.jpg

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    I have Denali CanSmart plugs into your #2 spot. I hope his helps! I would that that itís the same.
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