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Thread: 2013 1200 GS LC clutch engagement

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    2013 1200 GS LC clutch engagement

    I just picked up a 2013 GS with 15k miles. After riding a bit, I have noticed that the point at which the clutch engages varies - it seems to be 2 positions. Position 1 (engine warm or cold, but first putting the bike in motion) is clutch lever 1/2 to 2/3 out. Position 2 (engine warm or cold, but anything after initial motion) is clutch lever only 1/4 out.

    I've done some searching (here, adv-rider, and you tube), and this seems to be a characteristic of the early LC, wet clutch bikes (2013 and early production 2014s). Early diagnosis seemed to indicate the need to bleed the hydraulic clutch mechanism, but later on I have seen discussion of a design flaw in the transmission shaft that BMW corrected in later production units.

    Is there a definitive cause and cure?

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    I have the same year and miles, roughly. Same issues with clutch, although oddly, my symptoms are the reverse of yours. When the bike is hot the engagement point is further from the lever. Could be air in the slave line. It is annoying for sure, especially if you ride a normal bike sometimes.. I suspect mine was abused off road as it had blued plates when I pulled it apart, and had begun to slip under load. I bought it at 10K miles and have used it almost solely on road, mostly highway.

    It appears to be related to the very long and multiple piece clutch pushrod, which expands and changes the engagement point. There is a modified part BMW part # 21-52-9-550-147 Thrust Adapter, which is the final segment of the clutch pushrod, closest to the clutch. It is very slightly longer and also has only one groove instead of 3 to reduce clutch plate oiling, which tends to cause the plates to stick together and clunky shifts.

    I have a Rekluse clutch on order which supposedly gives a firmer and more consistent feel at the lever. The latest part # for that is RMS-2809018A. It has also been updated, that is the latest part #. It's pretty easy to get in there and do it.
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    GS clutch engagement

    Roscoe - congratulations on the new acquisition - I've a Dec 2013 Model Year 2014 GSA and believe the clutch rod to be the later version based on engine serial number. I was having some 'ugly' shift up and down - verified the clutch lever had sufficient free play; put the bike on the center stand and got the clutch fluid reservoir as level as I could to check and a fair amount of fluid overflowed when I took the cover off - took a bit more out of the reservoir and the shift quality substantially improved - bike's got about 20K thanks covid miles on her.

    Good reading and input from m931a2 @

    Good luck - guess you know checking the splines on the axle/final drive might be in order - tons of threads abound on the rust issues.

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    Thank you both for your insight. I will definitely be looking into the revised clutch rod this winter. And Rekluse is only 20 miles away in Boise; I might reach out to their engineers to see if they have heard of the problem.
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