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Thread: R1100GS Lowering suspension suggestions?

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    R1100GS Lowering suspension suggestions?

    Looking into possibility of lowering suspension on a '95 R11GS for a 'vertically challenged' person. Is this a big or expensive job? Can regular people do it or should it be done by a dealer mechanic? Any ideas of what it would cost or is the bike (which is in great shape) even worth it? thanks

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    There's one thread in the Similar Threads pane below that is about suspension lowering for Oilheads.
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    Lowering a 1100GS. Solo shocks front and rear. So, probably get two new shortened shocks. Maybe get the seat cut/thinned down. Maybe best to pass on a 1100GS and find a 1100R. Start shorter from the start. Just a thought.

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    Get a Harley PanAm!!! They actually lower the suspension a couple inches as you come to a stop. Woo Hoo!! Now - why couldn't BMW think of that???

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmellzey View Post
    Get a Harley PanAm!!! They actually lower the suspension a couple inches as you come to a stop. Woo Hoo!! Now - why couldn't BMW think of that???

    Just one more gizmo to go wrong. Does anybody remember the slogan; "If HD made an airplane would you fly in it?"
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    I lowered my 1100RS using the low version of Wilburs shocks, got an additional 30 mm ( 1.20) closer to ground. Cost was about $1200, Ted Porter carries some brands where you can select the drop. In any case be prepared to modify your side and center stand as they will have to be shortened.
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    Lower a GS

    Its a shock swap, the shocks on an R are shorter if you can find a pair. If not a number of companies make them. Its not a super hard job. I went the other way with my 96 GS so I have the short shocks in my garage but they have a lot of miles and they are in California but I would let them go for lunch money and shipping. If not I'm sure E-bay has some. As the previous poster mentioned, the side stand will work but the bike stands almost straight up and you need a friend to get it up on the center stand.
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