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Thread: Hotel/Motel/Camping Situation

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    I was able to secure a room in Monument Valley for 240.00, the next night in Moab for 120.00. Two nights in a cabin on a small river in Cody for 280.00. Haven't planned past that point in the trip but I'll have the tent and gear to find a place like the city park in Spearfish. Think they are getting 75.00 a night for tent space presently.

    We're doing Arches NP but after 5pm when there's little to no traffic after we get into Moab. We're going to forego the Grand Tetons part of the trip due to the crowds and lack of finding a place to stay for less than 300.00 a night. But we're planning on taking in Devils tower, Mt. Rushmore etc, etc, then head back south into Colorado for a few days on the way back to my brothers place just west of Denver.

    As we're sharing the tabs on rooms, it is what it is, somewhat more expensive but that seems to be the price one pays to travel this year. I see no need to miss out on an adventure with my brother due to costs of rooms. Everything's up, including my portfolio.
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    Most any event I have ever been to, services in the area have used the event to “boost” revenue. Some of the increases in charges can be justified based on previous experiences with similar events, some is just taking advantage of the situation.
    What seems to work, but not perfect, is when event organizers secure a “block” of rooms which is usually done a year in advance. I can’t say the MOA could pull this off- logistically, but a member could book a block of rooms and be the “hero”.
    Nowadays, it seems planning anything a year in advance has its own problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voni View Post
    When my bike broke on the way to the National Rally, I called Super 8 in Great Falls to cancel. Easy!

    When I went online to check to see if they had any rooms available just in case, I was shocked to find my $65 room now listed for $175!!!

    Price gouging at its worst!!

    Not sMiling
    Unfortunately this happens more and more. It helps if you can reserve a room way ahead but if you work that's not possible a lot of times.
    We made a reservation for next year at the Baymount for $69, King Bed, 2.1 miles from the rally. 24 hour cancel.
    That rate will probably take a big jump next year.

    I like to carry a hard copy of our reservation plus save the email on my phone in case there's a problem.
    Last year there were two times the front desk person said we did not have a reservation, and then said we already checked in. Having a copy of our reservation helped to clear up the problem.
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